On July 30th 2018 we got together to clean the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. Our motto was: Take 3 pieces of rubbish when you leave the beach, park or…anywhere! … to remove plastic pollution and inspire a new generation to protect our oceans.

The frustration:
The amount of trash that is left behind in the park after a hot summer day.

The fact:
When plastic is left in landfills, it is at risk of blowing away and ending up in rivers or oceans which contributed in creating a big “plastic soup” almost the size of Russia.

The idea:
We go clean the Vondelpark by collecting all the trash that is left behind and explain to as many people as we can, why this is so important.

The hope:
We hope to make people more aware of the trash they leave behind by explaining them where it goes and what harm it does.

To our big surprise we came to a clean park! We couldn’t be prouder to be Amsterdammers on that day. With a lot of positive energy we made a fun night of it with drinks and snacks.

24 juni 2021 — Abigail Bakker