Goat gang, the people of Sudan need our help! Sudan has been in a state of crisis since early April 2019, with a death toll of over a 100 people and millions of people in danger of starvation because of food shortages. We started our Taking Action platform for exactly this. To help people, animals and the environment in need. So we went blue for Sudan.

Because we are no journalists we are quoting some articles that we red on the topic:

The Guardian: It has been two weeks since the Janjaweed, Sudan’s infamous militia, embarked on a brutal campaign to disperse and suppress a popular uprising against deposed president Omar al-Bashir’s military government. The country is still in shock. In its capital city, Khartoum, the atmosphere is that of a wake as the dead, raped and beaten are counted. The faces of the missing and presumed dead haunt social media, their families braced for the possibility of seeing their loved ones bloated and washed up on the banks of the Nile, where the Janjaweed’s victims are still surfacing.

Oxfam Novib: South Sudan is in the midst of a catastrophic humanitarian crisis driven by over four years of  brutal civil war. Half of the population are facing extreme hunger and are in need of urgent aid. Help us provide food, water and sanitation now.

BBC: On 3 June more than 100 innocent peaceful protesters were killed at a sit-in in the capital Khartoum. It’s being called a massacre. The #BlueForSudan social media movement started when 26-year-old Mohamed Hashim Mattar was killed in the crackdown. His profile picture at the time was of the same blue now being used across Instagram. It was also reportedly his favourite colour.

Refinery 29: Sudan has been in a state of crisis since early April, when civilians opposing dictator and war criminal Omar al-Bashir finally ousted him from the government. Al-Bashir’s regime, though, was quickly replaced with violent military control, which has left hundreds of peaceful protesters injured, raped, and murdered, reports the Guardian. And now, according to a food security report issued on Friday, South Sudan is facing another crisis: namely, record numbers of starvation. The World Food Programme (WFP) reported about 7 million people are facing food shortages, with more than 20,000 dangerously near famine. This is predicted to continue worsening as the country prepares for its rainiest season; by the end of July, over 1.8 million South Sudanese people will find themselves in a state of emergency, with 5 million in crisis.

Our fundraising weekend for this crisis is over (we raised €500,-), but there are things you can still do:

  1. Read all about it and get yourself informed.
  2. You can donate to Oxfam Novib or any other charity yourself.
24 juni 2021 — Abigail Bakker