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We make organic and fair apparel for kickass prices, so you can go green without going broke. We also like get loud & proud about what we believe in. This article is a part of our Taking Action platform and is here to inspire you do the same.

Here are some useful tips on how to make more vegan lifestyle choices. For the environment, your health and above all, the animals.

What you save

Experts say changing the way we eat is necessary for the future of the planet. According to Oxford University, going vegan is the single most significant way you can reduce your environmental impact on the planet. Think about it – 6000 m2 of land can produce 170kg of meat, or almost 17000kg of plant-based food. What sounds more sustainable to you?

You may now be thinking “even if I go vegan, I’m just one person, surely that will barely make a difference?”. We have to think long term on this one. Ok, so you won’t save billions of animals immediately by making the switch, but if you do make this choice you are siding with a larger-by-the-minute group of people that understand the impact of the current food consumption and that want to change for the better, no matter how slowly. So, we gotta look at the bigger picture here: The fewer animal products we buy, the less demand there will be for those products to be ordered. 1 +1 = less animals being slaughtered.

Bottom line: It must start with us.

Here’s a quick example of the impact of our “insignificant” choices. If you choose to go vegan for so much as one day, you’ll be saving:

3,748 Litres of water
3 m2 of forest
16 kg of grains
8 kg of co2
1 Animal life. A WHOLE life. In one day.

Crazy, huh? Our choices do make a difference after all, no matter how small. Now, if in one day of going vegan you save this much, can you imagine a whole month? What about in a year? If this made you curious, check out this neat little website called vegancalculator.com. There you’ll be able to get a real picture of the short- and long-term impact of the choices you make.

If you’re not ready to go full vegan, that’s ok. It took us a while as well and we still cheat from time to time. Nobody is perfect. So maybe start with 2 days a week to get the hang of it? Keep reading for more inspirational and delicious vegan stuff! We're here to help.

Vegan meals under €10,-

Try some of our simple and delicious vegan meals, that won't cost you!

Chilli Sin Carne
Serves: 3-4
Total cost: €9

1 Onion | 3 garlic cloves | 2 tomatoes | 1 bell pepper | 1 carrot | 1 can of lentils or vegan mince | 1 can of kidney/ black/ pinto beans | 1 can passata | 1 tbsp cumin | 1 Tbsp smoked paprika | 1 tbsp vegetable stock | 1 sp chilli flakes | Salt & Pepper to taste

Optional: Handful of fresh coriander /liquid smoke/ vegan sour cream / tortilla chips

Chop the onion, pepper, carrot and tomatoes. Fry the onions on medium heat. Once they look translucent add garlic, chopped peppers and carrots, stir and let it cook for another 4-5 minutes. Next, add the vegan mince (this would be the time to add a dash of liquid smoke if you will use it) and all spices and stir well. The mixture should be ready for some moisture now, add the chopped tomatoes and cook for another few minutes. Lastly, add the beans and passata. Cover the pan and turn the fire to low heat. Let it cook for a further 15 mins, but keep checking and stirring every few minutes so it doesn’t burn. Voila! Serve with some rice, tortilla chips or just on its own – a delicious & nutritious meal that’s easy on the wallet!

More recipes

Who to follow

To be honest, we are not real good or experimental cooks. Thank god for the people we follow that are! They inspire us to make amazing vegan dishes that also impress our friends and family.

To keep it nice and simple we selected 4 of our favourites for you, who will inspire you to make vegan choices every day.

Educate yourself

These documentaries are full of facts and give you so much insight on the benefits of going vegan. It helped us a lot in our choices and hopefully they will do the same for you.

Game Changers

This movie is a literal powerhouse of information. It gives insights on a vegan lifestyle and focusses on the benefits of plant-based eating for athletes. Or better said the fact that you really don’t need meat for protein.



Released in 2014, and produced by… Yes, Leo di Caprio, Cowspiracy has been shifting paradigms ever since. It takes a totally different approach on global warming, questioning large NGO’s as to why they purposely omit data that proves the livestock industry is to blame for the vast majority of the destruction of the environment.


What The Health

From the makers of Cowspiracy, What the Health brings shocking and very inconvenient truths about what we have been taught to eat and its consequences. It looks into the link between animal-based foods and the pharmaceutical industry to serious diseases such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease.


Before The Flood

Leonardo Di Caprio. Who else could be Romeo AND a UN Embassador in the same life? Swoon swoon… Anyway, this award winning documentary features Leo on a round the world journey in order to personally see and understand the problems and, most importantly, solutions to the current climate change situation.

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