World Animal Protection bear tee


€15 per item will be donated to World Animal Protection to help bears like Jimmy. This will feed one bear in the sanctuary for 3,5 days and provide them with the nutrition they require for good health and wellbeing. Scroll down to read Jimmy's story.

Basic tee with straight and unisex fit
Proudly produced in Bangladesh
85% organic cotton + 15% recycled polyester

garment care

Cold machine wash (30°C)
Do not tumble dry
Iron hot (avoid graphic)

Jimmy the bear

Jimmy and Jexi, brother and sister, were kept for 11 years in a small concrete cage at the back of a bread factory in Arcusi (Covasna County). The owner of the factory claimed that he rescued the two small cubs from the dangerous attack of some dogs and that he took care of them and fed them. This man never considered freeing them back into the forest, but decided to keep them as pets. As they grew up the cage they lived in became smaller and smaller. Fortunately, in October 2012 World Animal Protection and partner organisation AMP were able to rescue the two bears and bring them to Libearty sanctuary in Zarnesti, Romania.

WAP has been working with their partner in Romania, Asociatia Milioane de Prieteni (AMP) since 2005, creating the world’s largest bear sanctuary near Zarnesti. The sanctuary is set in lush forest, with pools for the bears to bathe in and plenty of space for them to roam around. Unfortunately, the bears they rescue would be unable to survive in the wild due to their history but the sanctuary provides them with an environment that is as close to their natural habitat as possible.