Alex basic tee

Organic T-shirt, cos duh it's 2021.
Unisex | 180 g/m² | Organic & Fair

Chris heavy tee

A little thicker than your average tee.
Unisex | 220 g/m² | Organic & Fair

Sloan long sleeve

Just a tee, but then with long sleeves ;)
Unisex | 180 g/m² | Organic & Fair

Goat logo collection

Be the goat. Wear the goat.
Unisex | Organic cotton & Ethically made

World Animal Protection x Goat

Animals can't tell their story, so we'll do it for them.
Profit will be donated.

People first

Our collection is proudly produced in Bangladesh under strict people-first standards. Meaning that people are treated with absolute respect, fair wages are paid and working conditions are safe and hygienic.

Planet friendly

Our fabrics are environment-oriented and we use organic cotton in all of our apparel. What does that mean? By choosing organic over conventional cotton, you save 91% water, 61% energy and 46% CO2.


Normal pricing: Brand X > Middle man > You
Organic T-shirt = €44,95
Our pricing: Goat > You
Organic T-shirt = €19,95