Max classic sweater

THE one. Don't tell your other sweaters.
Do good. Go green. Go goat.

Avery comfy hoodie

Comfiness just got a whole new meaning.
Do good. Go green. Go goat.

Ace vintage sweater

Casual sweater with vintage look.
Unisex | Organic & Fair

People first

Our collection is proudly produced in Bangladesh under strict people-first standards. Meaning that people are treated with absolute respect, fair wages are paid and working conditions are safe and hygienic.

Planet friendly

Our fabrics are environment-oriented and we use organic cotton in all of our apparel. What does that mean? By choosing organic over conventional cotton, you save 91% water, 61% energy and 46% CO2.


Normal pricing: Brand X > Middle man > You
Organic T-shirt = €49,95
Our pricing: Goat > You
Organic T-shirt = €22,95