Taking Action

With goat’s ideals set in stone, we want to go beyond just selling sustainable clothes. We set a new goal of turning words into practice and encouraging others to do the same.

Our Taking Action platform is a hands-on initiative that addresses issues that truly matter and help you live a (more) sustainable life.

What's going on?

We’ve got our Goat ears up and we are ready to support any charities or causes that are close to our heart. Watch this space if you want to stay in the loop and roll up your sleeves with us.

With your help, we've donated over €8.400 to various charities. High fives all over!

Green goat livin'

It’s the 21st century, we’ve run out of excuses not to do our damn best to greener lives. Don’t worry, we’re right on it with you. Here you’ll find a step-by-step guide that will help you start or improve your sustainable world. Say hello to the rest of your (green) life!

Vegan mini guide

We’ve put together the ULTIMATE guide to all things vegan - From food, to must-watches to general tips on a better life, you don’t have to lift a finger: just sit your cute butt down and let us share our vegan love with you!

Most red articles

Proudly made in Bangladesh

Labels inside our clothes show us where our clothes are made, but not always how.

Make it last

How to get the most out of your garments.

Why vegan?

Your health, animals and the environment will thank you.

Re-use your clothes

Your old clothes can still be used!

E-mail bomb

Let’s dip into politics together!

Make me feel things

We went artsy!