After coming up with the idea of an organic and fair-trade apparel brand, we soon realised that one of our main goals was to keep the prices as low as possible. Normally a brand uses a retail store as a ‘middle man’, which causes the price to shoot up. With our “Sustainability is not sustainable if it’s not accessible” motto in mind we simply decided to cut out the middle man and sell from us the brand, directly to you the customer.

Here is an example:

Normal pricing:
Brand X > Middle man > You
Organic T-shirt = €49,95

Our pricing:
Goat > You
Organic T-shirt = €22,95

With this strategy we are able to offer you, for example, organic basic T-shirts for €22,95. Not too shabby, right?


We decided to go retail, which means that from September ’19 on we will be sold in boutiques throughout The Netherlands and soon the world! “But huh? Weren’t you just talking about skipping the middle man for better pricing? ” Yes, we will keep doing this! Thats why we’re not increasing our prices, we only loose a (big) share on our mark up.

Read more about our PPP promise: