People First

As a fashion label, we want to give the people making our clothes the recognition they deserve, they are the real heroes after all, right? That is why we work with a production partner, that has the highest standards when it comes to their workers. To ensure the safety and fair treatment of all the workers, they systematically monitor the working conditions and practices of their partner factories, and implement concrete action plans to improve them.

Monitoring is carried out in three ways:
Regular visits from HQ (2-3 times per year)
Daily factory visits by their local team in Dhaka
Formal audits (once every 2-3 years)

During their visits, the following gets checked:
> Employment is freely chosen.
> Fair wages are payed (over 50% increase since 2018).
> Working conditions are safe and hygienic.
> Child labour must not be used.
> Working hours are not excessive.
> No discrimination is practiced.
> Regular employment is provided.
> Harsh or inhumane treatment is prohibited.

We are Goat and we are Proudly made in Bangladesh.

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