Free a Girl x Goat

Together with Loes Haverkort we created a T-shirt for Free a Girl. A charity that fights against sexual exploitation around the world.

The T-shirt is sold out.
We proudly raised €1.250,-.

“I got a new life and a new girlfriend when I arrived here in the shelter, so I wanted to make a happy drawing of Alina and I.”

The drawing on the T-shirt was made by Nemisha, a girl that was rescued from sexual exploitation in Nepal by Free a Girl. Now she can be a child again and work on her rehabilitation within the safety of her new home in the shelter. BUT there are so many more girls trapped in this horrible industry, that’s why we ask for your help and donate.

With donations they can free as many girls as they can and help them create a new and brighter future. They rescued nearly 5.000 girls. Millions more to go.