We asked our Goat Gang for their best sustainable tips. All these small things are so much better for the environment. It will amaze you how easy they are!

Save water by not brushing your teeth under the shower and letting the water run but by doing it before or after.

Buy solid blocks of soap instead of shower gel bottles, they last longer and save plastic packaging.

Always carry a reusable cup / water bottle and your own cutlery with you.

Use a combination of baking soda and lemon juice to clean almost everything in and around the house.

Save water by putting a bucket under the shower when it’s getting warm. You can use that water for several things (iron, plants, dog water).

Shop vintage.

Layer up in wintertime, so you don’t have to turn on the heat that much.

Use washable make-up remover pads. They last for years.

Go vegan for at least 5 times a week.

Use the bike or public transport.

Buy in bulk.

Use the packaging of these big packs of toilet paper as bin liners.

Old water? Give it to the plants.

Don’t preheat the oven. It’s not necessary.

Bees wax storage paper is amazing to keep food fresh.

Eat as much plant based food (and inspire colleagues by bringing delicious lunches to work).

Save water & energy by showering less often (better for the health of your skin and hair too).

Use plastic free soap (old fashion soap bars, without palm oil, cheaper as well).

Travel to work by bike or public transport (and take the train for business trips too).

Save energy by setting the heating lower and using a blanket and a pet to keep you warm.

Consume less by realizing that stuff does not make you happy.

If you have old clothes and you like the fabric take it to a store that can make something of the fabric: anything you like, like underwear, shirts or even a blanket.

Look for farms in your neighbourhood, who will sell their vegetables and fruit to you directly. Some will even deliver their products to your home. Advantages: no use of plastic, you know who grows the crops; it’s fresh and delicious.

Make a food plan for every week and take a grocery list with you.

Buy bulk packages so that less plastic will be used.

Invest in many sorts of storage containers or glass jars, it helps store food without going bad but you can also bring them with you if you go for take away (many take away places find this funny but appreciate it:-))

Have a blanket or thick cardigan at hand, so that the heating can be at least one degree lower.

Switch the lights off as much as possible, especially when you are in another room.

Pull the plugs from the socket when they are not being used.

Switch the lights (the time) on the microwave / oven off if you do not use it (it has a button for it and it’s easy to turn it on again).

Use less detergent than indicated; you really don’t need that much.

A lot of vegetable recipes are in circulation, so share them with your friends and help others eat delicious vegan and vegetarian meals.

Reduce, reuse, and recycle! Buy less, and when you buy do it responsibly. Giving away or sell things that do not give you any pleasure.

To save energy: pull out all the plugs of the electric appliances in the rooms you are not in. For the TV you can use a saving plug that ensures that the TV does not remain in standby mode. You can also get them for other devices. LED lighting also saves on energy consumption.

Turn off the shower during soaping.

Replace all your plastic with wood (dishwashing / toothbrush, cookware ..)

Make bags from used old blouses and sweaters, for groceries, beach equipment etc.

Focus on consuming less. You don’t have to be perfect! Everything that you do will make you feel better and is more effective than imposing things on yourself. You need to do it with a positive mind-set!

June 02, 2021 — Abigail Bakker